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A Son , Father , Brother, Uncle and far-most the man in the Kitchen.

Eddie spent years and years in the kitchen as a chef and carried a family operated catering company for many years.
His love and passion for food and cooking is the reason for the opening of Big Ed's Bbq Pit to continue what he started and to show the world what he loved best . 
Cooking home authentic recipes for others to enjoy

Big Ed 's BBQ Pit Menu


Big Ed's Special                                  


Tri Tip & Ribs                         

Tri Tip & Chicken                  

- 1/2 Rack of Smoked BBQ Baby Back Ribs

- Oven Roasted 1/4 Chicken (Leg ,Thigh, & Breast)

- Meal comes with choice of 4 large sides

  and 2 corn breads

- 2 Drinks  


MEAL #1                                                

- 1/2 Rack of Smoke BBQ Baby Back Ribs

- Meal comes with choice of 3 sides

- Corn Bread


MEAL #2                                                 

- Oven Roasted 1/4 Chicken (Leg, Thigh, & Breast)

- Meal coms with choice of 3 sides

- Corn Bread.  


MEAL #3                                                

- Hot Link on a French Bread  

  s/w Grilled Bell Peppers & Onions.

- Meal come with choice of 3 sides

- Hot Link Sandwich Only     


MEAL #4                                                  

- Tri Tip Sandwich s/w Grilled Onions & BBQ Sauce

- Meal comes with choice of 3 sides

- Tri Tip Sandwich Only    

The Monster Mac Tip                   

- Smoked Tri-Tip with grilled Mac & Cheese

   topped with BBQ sauce and grilled onions

   on a French bread

- Choice of 3 sides

-1 Drink 

Ed's a la Carte                                     

- Tri Tip per LB 

- Full Rack of Ribs 

- 1/2 Rack of Ribs 

- Oven Roasted 1/4 Chicken

  (Leg, Thigh, & Breast) 

- Leg & Thigh Only 

- Hot Link only

Big Ed's Sides      Large / Small 

- Scalloped Potatoes                 - Baked Beans

- Mac and Cheese                      - Sweet Cut Corn

- Red Roasted Garlic Potatoes - Cole Slaw

- Corn Bread  


- Coke

- Sprite

- Diet Coke

- Dr. Pepper

- Bottle Water

- Pepsi

- Diet Pepsi 


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